Recherche comédien BRITANNIQUE vivant à Paris, 30-50 ans pour publicité web‏

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Critères demandés :
Homme, comédien, age compris entre 18 et 99 ans
Pour ceux que cela intéresse : Anglophones uniquement.

Left Productions is looking for :
  • A British actor living in Paris (aged 30-50) to play the main role in a web ad.
    The actor will play a British butler with a posh accent.
Salary: €350 for one working day.
Casting will take place between April 14 and April 19.
Shooting between April 23 and April 30.
To apply, please send a video of you saying these lines (acting like a British butler of course!):
"This is van Hoytl's exquisite portrayal of a beautiful boy on the cusp of
manhood. Blond, smooth skin as white as that milk, of impeccable provenance.
One of the last in private hands, and unquestionably the best. It's a
Victor Riveaux ( a****** )