Female english native speaker actor 30 yrs old approx videoshoot Paris June 6th

The actor must be: native english speaker / bilingual at least, around 30 yrs old

Videoshoot: Thursday 6th of june

Production of a video for internal communication of the company Criteo

Broadcast: internal

Purpose: awareness of cybersecurity.

Duration of the video: 1min30

References / inspirations:

The cyber adventures of Nicolas Berthier: https://vimeo.com/265373921

Follow the frog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iIkOi3srLo

CEO scams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oqXcx3bRD8

The character of Brad Pitt in Burn after reading

Pitch: On an ordinary Monday, Regis is surprised by a strange email sent by his colleague JB asking him to click on a link. Should he click or not?

Role / part:

  • Regis

  • His 2 alter egos (bright side and dark side)

Paid : 396€ all charges / taxes included



Scene 1 - Scenario

Regis / Gary at his desk, in front of his screen, end of the day, no one in the open space, he whistles, a little dazed (inspiration: Brad Pitt in Burn After reading), headphones, elevator music

CUT / INCRUSTATION CARTRIDGE: jingle + title of the series (inspiration: Kaamelott)

Visual on his screen: he is working on a project "My Little Pwny"

All of a sudden, notification "JB Rudelle's mail", he is very surprised

Then call: split screen with a strange character (who also has a weird voice) who pretends to JB and asks to click on an email he just sent

Visual on the screen of Régis / Gary: he discovers the weird mail a priori sent by JB (big zoom to see that the address is completely bogus, that the object has no meaning, that there are faults in the 1stphrase ...)

CUT / INSERTION CARTRIDGE: display of the title of the episode "Trick or Threat"

Scene 2 - Hesitation and the dramatic situation

Two characters appear on the 2 side of Régis / Gary who embody indecision: a character embodying the "way to follow", a person who embodies the "bad decision"

Everyone gives his opinion: "yes click, if it is JB who asks, it means that you are in his little papers. He writes you with his personal address, so he trusts you. If you help him, you're in pole position for the promotion. If you do not do what he asks you, you'll pass for a puppet. " "No, do not click, Already, the email address is weird ... And this project story to look urgent, as if by chance at the end of the day there? Besides, why would he have asked you? "

Progressive zoom camera effect on Régis / Gary, music suspense, the bottom of the room becomes red

Regis / Gary becomes hyper stressed, big drops of sweat, fogger to refresh

Regis / Gary finally clicks, shaking> this is the bazaar: unicorns from the project "My little Pwny" begin to invade his office, then all Criteo, and thousands of € scroll in a counter on the screen (for show the impact a serious minimum of its action)

Scene 3 - The resolution

Express rewinding (inspiration: "This is what you do not go to do"): the voice of reason, which lends its nails while sighing, says: "well ... what did I say? We take back "

Visual on the computer screen: a Security for Us logo appears, successive zooms on everything that shows that it was an attack


Scene 4 - The conclusion and the moral

Moral end that appears: "Keep calm and click wisely"

Black screen, Regis / Gary's sheepish voice-over: "Well, I should have known that ..."

End cartridge: "Do you think you can do better than Regis / Gary? Challenge? RDV on the Learning Zone (etc) "

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